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Thread: What is the difference between Dragon Home 12, Premium 12 or Professional 12?

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    Default What is the difference between Dragon Home 12, Premium 12 or Professional 12?

    Updated Comparison between Dragon 12 Home , Premium 12 and Professional 12 on this page.

    I get this question at least once a day.

    Here's an explanation from

    What is the difference between Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard Edition, Preferred Edition and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Edition version 12?

    A: All editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking are version 12 and come on DVD. Version 12 was released in August 2012. Each edition shares similar components but vary in the features, tools and compatibility with other applications. The first thing you should do is check our Comparison Guide . This will give you a rundown of the differences between each application.

    What is the difference between Dragon Home 12, Premium 12 or Professional 12?-new_12_1.jpg

    Here are some other differences:

    Dragon Home vs Dragon Premium 12:

    Dragon Home does not have the ability to manage the user files. This is critical if you wish to backup or export your user file. ( you cant import/export your user with standard). If you have been training/using Dragon for three months do you really want to start from scratch again if there is a problem with your computer or user file? For this reason alone I believe Dragon Premium is a better value package than standard.
    Dragon Home does not have support for Microsoft Excel as preferred does.
    Dragon Home does not have support for digital recorders or PDA's,preferred does.
    Dragon Premium has a text-to-speech engine so you can have your documents read back to you for the purposes of proofreading. Home does not have this.
    Dragon Premium also has the ability to create basic text macros which can insert a signature, logo or boilerplate text with a simple voice command. Home 12 does not have this ability.

    Essentially if you just want to dictate for perhaps one hour a day into Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer, using a basic non technical vocabulary,then Home will suffice. However, if you expect to be using Dragon in the long-term for more than one hour a day and wish to perform more advanced tasks then Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium is a much better entry-level option. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 with USB NC181VMUSB is our most popular product by far for this reason.

    Dragon Premium 12 vs Dragon Professional 12
    There are many differences between Dragon Premium and Dragon Professional. Again it is important to look at the Comparison Guide. I will not attempt to address every difference just the core differences.

    Dragon professional can be preloaded with a variety of specialised vocabularies. For example medical and legal. Dragon professional also allows you to fully customise your own vocabulary for your specific needs. That may be a scientific field or a vocabulary that is focused on your exact requirements. This vocabulary can be managed and manipulated, this allows for a high degree of accuracy .Dragon preferred is not have this degree of control over the vocabulary. Dragon preferred cannot be preloaded with medical and legal vocabularies.

    You can install and manage Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional from a central network location. You can even access your unique Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional "profile" from any PC on your organization's local area network .Dragon preferred not have these network features.

    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional 12 is fully integrated with Microsoft outlook. This is a key benefit over the other versions of Dragon. for example, in Microsoft outlook using Dragon Professional you can simply say"New Message" or "New E-Mail" and Dragon will automatically generate a new message window. You can then simply say "Go to Subject"to move to the subject field in the can then say "Go to Body" and the program will move the cursor to the body of the text. You can then dictate directly into the message. What's the message is completed you can simply say" Send Message" and the message will be sent. In other words you can completely voice-enabled and control Microsoft outlook. This is a very powerful feature of Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional. Some more examples of what you can say are "reply to message" "forward message" "delete message" "open message" "close message" "next message" "previous message"and many more others.

    The ability to voice control Microsoft outlook is extremely useful in most work environments. Not only is it fast and efficient and allows users to minimise their typing and mouse usage. None of these commands are available with Dragon Preferred ONLY Dragon Professional.

    Dragon Professional 12 can not only import/export the user file but it can import/export the vocabulary independently. This is a crucial feature. Imagine that in specific company or government department that there are 10 users who require a vocabulary to do with pharmaceuticals for example. One user could create a comprehensive pharmaceutical vocabulary by using the application over a period of time and using the vocabulary building tools. That user could then export that vocabulary to the other users enabling them to be using exactly the same vocabulary. This means that everyone is using a consistent and accurate vocabulary within their company/government department that is relevant to their area of expertise. It also allows a single user to back up their vocabulary. The users vocabulary can be exported and at a later time re imported if the user has to retrain Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This can save an enormous amount of time as the user does not have to spend time rebuilding the vocabulary from scratch. Dragon Premium does not have this capacity.

    Hope this helps. If not post your question here or call the distributor on 1300 255 900 -
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    Here's an update and some new information about Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software:

    Speech Recognition Software
    How does it work? How will it help me ?

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